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WRD81012.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1981A 200 watt resistivity system for hydrogeophysical investigations : hydrogeophysical report 80/2.Hydrogeophysical report 80/2 : a 200 watt resistivity system for hydrogeophysical investigations.Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD81006.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1981Air monitoring darwin. July 1979-june 1980-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD85076.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1985Banka Banka Electrical Traverses. Hydrogeophysical report 85/8-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD85077.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1985Cockatoo Lagoon Resistivity Traverses. Hydrogeophysical report 85/7-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD86063.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1986Coomalie Creek Resistivity Traverses - Hydrogeophysical report 86/1-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD82041.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1982Cox Peninsula Resistivity survey. Hydrogeophysical report 82/1-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD81067.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1981Darwin rural resistivity survey hydrogeophysical report 81/7.-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD81062.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1981Goulburn Island Electromagnetic survey. Hydrogeophysical report 81/15-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD81053.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1981Goulburn Island Geophysical survey. Hydrogeophysical report 81/10-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD81061.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1981Gulungul Creek Geophysical survey. Hydrogeophysical report 81/14-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD85081.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1985Gunyangara Electromagnetic survey. Hydrogeophysical report 85/2Hydrogeophysical report 85/2 Gunyangara electromagnetic surveyFurness, Peter Request Copy
WRD81009.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1981Hydrogeology and Hydrochemistry of Upper Magela Creek 1980 (Project 13-7)-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD81055.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1981Hydrogeophysical report 81-12 : Douglas River - Hayes Creek geophysical surveyPeter Furness; Douglas River - Hayes Creek Geophysical survey. Hydrogeophysical report 81/12Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD81066.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1981Hydrogeophysical report 81/1 : resistivity survey - Upper Magella CreekPeter Furness; Resistivity survey - upper magela creek 1980 ?????? Hydrogeophysical report 81/1.Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD81052.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1981Hydrogeophysical report 81/9 : a computer technique for the processing of multiseparation two array resistivity profilesPeter Furness; A computer technique for the processing of multiseparation two array resistivity profiles hydrogeophysical report 81/9Furness, Peter Request Copy
Hydrogeophysical_Report_82-7_-_Oenpelli_Resistivity_Survey.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1982Hydrogeophysical report 82-7 : Oenpelli resistivity surveyPeter Furness.Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD82013.pdf.jpg1982Hydrogeophysical report 82/13 Adelaide River resistivity surveyAdelaide River resistivity survey : hydrogeophysical report 82/13; Peter FurnessFurness, Peter; Northern Territory. Department of Transport and Works. Water Division Request Copy
WRD82042.pdf.jpg1982Hydrogeophysical report 82/3 : Pine Creek geophysical surveyPine Creek Geophysical Survey. Hydrogeophysical report 82/3Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD83092.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1983Hydrogeophysical report 83/10 wildman station resistivity survey.-Furness, Peter Request Copy
WRD83081.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1983Hydrogeophysical report 83/14 N.A.R. Station Resistivity traverses Katherine to Pine CreekNAR Resistivity Traverses - Katherine to Pine Creek Hydrogeophysical Report 83/14; Peter FurnessFurness, Peter Request Copy