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Chart_Demand_Supply_to_Darwin_Region_Water_Supply_to_2030.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Chart Demand Supply to Darwin Region Water Supply to 2030Tabled paper 1890-
Regulations_2012_No._21_Mining_Management_Amendment_Regulations.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Regulations 2012 No. 21 Mining Management Amendment RegulationsTabled paper 1887-
Regulations_2012_No._18_Consumer_Affairs_and_Fair_Trading_Infringement_Notice_Offences_Regulations.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Regulations 2012 No. 18 Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (Infringement Notice Offences) RegulationsTabled paper 1884-
Message_from_Her_Honour_the_Administrator_Message_No._35_Assent_to_Proposed_Laws_30_May_2012.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Message No. 35, from Her Honour the Administrator, Assent to Proposed Laws 30 May 2012Tabled paper 1874-
Coroners_Act_In_the_matter_of_the_Coroners_Findings_and_Recommendations_into_the_death_of_Mr_Barnabas_Naroldol_Pursuant_to_section_46B_dated_3_May_2012.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Coroners Act, In the matter of the Coroners Findings and Recommendations into the death of Mr Barnabas Naroldol, Pursuant to section 46B dated 3 May 2012Tabled paper 1877-
Letter_Telstra_s_Director_Mr_James_Shaw_Government_Relations_~_Scrymgour_Telstra_made_the_decision_to_make_calls_from_telstra_mobile_services_to_Kids_Helpline_free_of_charge_dated_17_05.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Letter Telstra's Director Mr James Shaw Government Relations to the former Chair of Select Committee on Youth Suicides Ms Marion Scrymgour Telstra made the decision to make calls from telstra mobile services to Kids Helpline free of charge dated 17/05Tabled paper 1875-
Estimates_Committee_Report_Report_of_the_Estimates_Committee_on_its_~_2012_serial_208_and_report_of_the_Government_Owned_Corporations_Scrutiny_Committee_Consideration_of_the_financial.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Estimates Committee Report, Report of the Estimates Committee on its consideration of the Appropriation (2012/2013) Bill 2012 (serial 208) and report of the Government Owned Corporations Scrutiny Committee Consideration of the financialTabled paper 1876-
NT_Build_Triennial_Actuarial_Review_as_at_30_June_2011_and_Supplementary_~_John_Rawsthorne_Cumpston_Sarjeant_PTy_Consulting_ACTU_to_Hon_Gerry_McCarthy_MLA_Minister_for_Lands_and_Planning.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012NT Build Triennial Actuarial Review as at 30 June 2011 and Supplementary Report dated 29 February 2012 from Mr John Rawsthorne Cumpston Sarjeant PTy Consulting ACTU to Hon Gerry McCarthy MLA Minister for Lands and Planning.Tabled paper 1879-
Regulations_2012_No._19_Penalty_Units_Amendment_Regulations.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Regulations 2012 No. 19 Penalty Units Amendment RegulationsTabled paper 1885-
Professional_Standards_Act_Notification_The_Law_Society_of_South_Australia_Professional_Standards_scheme_dated_19_June_2012.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Professional Standards Act Notification The Law Society of South Australia Professional Standards scheme dated 19 June 2012Tabled paper 1882-
Regional_Management_Plan_Report_2010_2011_March_2012_Department_of_Housing_Local_Government_and_Regional_Services.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Regional Management Plan Report 2010/2011 March 2012 Department of Housing Local Government and Regional ServicesTabled paper 1883-
Message No 34 from Her Honour the Administrator Assent to Proposed Laws 4 May 2012.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Message No. 34, from Her Honour the Administrator, Assent to Proposed Laws 4 May 2012Tabled paper 1873-
Regulations_2012_No._20_Radiation_Protection_Amendment_Regulations.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Regulations 2012 No. 20 Radiation Protection Amendment RegulationsTabled paper 1886-
Professional_Standards_Act_Notification_The_South_Australian_Bar_Association_Inc._Scheme_dated_19_June_2012.PDF.jpg21-Jun-2012Professional Standards Act, Notification The South Australian Bar Association Inc. Scheme dated 19 June 2012Tabled paper 1881-
9.1_Community_Justice_Grants.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20129.1 Community Justice GrantsTabled paper 1871-
8 3 - Question on Notice 8 5 What are the professional fees in terms of Legal Expenses for the Department for 2011 12 all Costs Answer to 8 5.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.3 Question on Notice 8.5 What are the professional fees in terms of Legal Expenses for the Department for 2011/12 (all Costs)? Answer to 8.5Tabled paper 1858-
8.14_Question_on_Notice_8.20_Mandorah_Ferry_-_detailed_breakdown_of_costs_Answer_8.20.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.14 Question on Notice 8.20 Mandorah Ferry - detailed breakdown of costs Answer 8.20Tabled paper 1869-
8.9_Question_on_Notice_8.14_How_much_has_been_collected_in_bus_fares_in_the_NT_for_this_financial_year_cut_off_31_03_2012_answer_to_8.14.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.9 Question on Notice 8.14 How much has been collected in bus fares in the NT for this financial year (cut off 31/03/2012) answer to 8.14Tabled paper 1864-
8.7_Question_on_Notice_8-6_Provide_a_detailed_breakdown_of_legal_expenses_internal_external_contract_or_otherwise_for_the_Valuation_Review_Board_for_2010_11_and_2011_12_Answer_to_8-6.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.7 Question on Notice 8.6 Provide a detailed breakdown of legal expenses internal external contract or otherwise for the Valuation Review Board for 2010/11 and 2011/12 Answer to 8.6Tabled paper 1862-
9.2_Health_and_Wellbeing_Services_Senior_Territorians_Explanation_of_Variation_NT_funded_initiatives_or_program_expansions.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20129.2 Health and Wellbeing Services Senior Territorians Explanation of Variation NT funded initiatives or program expansionsTabled paper 1872-
8.5_Question_on_Notice_8-9_Of_the_9_Growth_Towns_how_many_Township_leases_have_been_negotiated_Answer_8-9.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.5 Question on Notice 8.9 Of the 9 Growth Towns how many Township leases have been negotiated? Answer 8.9Tabled paper 1860-
8.13_Question_on_Notice_8.17_8.19_Cost_of_signs_for_Light_Rail_Corridor_Answer_to_8.17_Mandorah_Ferry_Service_answer_8.19.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.13 Question on Notice 8.17 & 8.19 Cost of signs for Light Rail Corridor Answer to 8.17 Mandorah Ferry Service answer 8.19Tabled paper 1868-
8.11_Question_on_Notice_8.13_Energy_Consumption_and_Gas_Emission_savings_Answer_to_8.13.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.11 Question on Notice 8.13 Energy Consumption and Gas Emission savings Answer to 8.13Tabled paper 1866-
8 4 ~ for  123 000  Answer to 8 7 Question on Notice 8 10 What is the amount of revenue for the Output Land Information for 2011 12 Answer to 8 10.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.4 Question on Notice 8.7 Who was the successful tender for Growth Towns Consultancy for $123,000? Answer to 8.7 Question on Notice 8.10 What is the amount of revenue for the Output Land Information for 2011/12 Answer to 8.10Tabled paper 1859-
8.10_Question_on_Notice_8.15_Rural_Bus_Service_Travel_Answer_to_8.15_Cost_of_School_Bus_on_Cox_Peninsula_Answer_to_8.18_Services_provided_to_Katherine_East_Precinct_Answer_to_8.11.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.10 Question on Notice 8.15 Rural Bus Service Travel Answer to 8.15 Cost of School Bus on Cox Peninsula Answer to 8.18 Services provided to Katherine East Precinct Answer to 8.11Tabled paper 1865-
8 1 ~ NT Government still have to spend some its own money to secure these tied grants  How much money does the NT Government have to spend  Answer 8 2.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.1 Question on Notice 8.2 NT Government still have to spend some its own money to secure these tied grants. How much money does the NT Government have to spend? Answer 8.2Tabled paper 1856-
8.6_Question_on_Notice_8-3_Of_the_113_Vacant_full_time_equivalent_FTE_positions_how_many_are_acting_employees_temporary_employees_and_contractors_consultants_Answer_8-3.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.6 Question on Notice 8.3 Of the 113 Vacant full time equivalent (FTE) positions how many are acting employees temporary employees and contractors/consultants? Answer 8.3Tabled paper 1861-
8.8_~_on_Notice_8.8_Provide_a_breakdown_on_tenders_and_contracts_not_paid_within_the_30_day_period_the_time_delay_to_when_they_were_paid_the_amount_and_what_the_project_was_Answer_to_8.8.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.8 Question on Notice 8.8 Provide a breakdown on tenders and contracts not paid within the 30 day period the time delay to when they were paid the amount and what the project was, Answer to 8.8Tabled paper 1863-
8.2_Question_on_Notice_8-1_Cost_of_Commonwealth_providing_the_~_General_to_the_Northern_Territory_compared_to_what_it_will_cost_the_Territory_over_a_12_month_period_Answer_to_8-1.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.2 Question on Notice 8.1, Cost of Commonwealth providing the services of the Valuer-General to the Northern Territory compared to what it will cost the Territory over a 12 month period, Answer to 8.1Tabled paper 1857-
8.12_Question_on_Notice_8.16_Free_Transport_to_public_events_Answer_to_8.16.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.12 Question on Notice 8.16 Free Transport to public events Answer to 8.16Tabled paper 1867-
8.15_Question_on_Notice_8.22_Taxi_Licenses_Answer_8.22.PDF.jpg20-Jun-20128.15 Question on Notice 8.22 Taxi Licenses Answer 8.22Tabled paper 1870-
7.4_Question_on_Notice_7-8__7-14__7.15_What_arereceived_and_processed_in_2012_13-_Answer_to_7-8_How_much_was_spent_on_advertising_for_cash_for_containers_Answer_7-14.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20127.4 Question on Notice 7.8, 7.14, 7.15 What are the 20 clearing applications received and processed in 2012/13? Answer to 7.8 How much was spent on advertising for cash for containers Answer 7.14 how much did Ian Kiernan cost in the TV ads? Answer 7.15Tabled paper 1855-
6.8_Question_on_Notice_6.22_How_many_of_the_NGO_s_given_funding_by_DCF_to_provide_families_support_service_have_their_contracts_ending_30_June_2012_Answer.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.8 Question on Notice 6.19 NGO funding: based on figures presented by CGB in Budget Estimates in 2011, can the figures for this year to be presented on the same terms and basis. Refer to Paper 1850, Amended Answer 6.19Tabled paper 1847-
6.9_Question_on_Notice_6.19_Amended_Answer_to_Paper_1847.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.9 - Question on Notice 6.19, Amended Answer to Paper 1847Tabled paper 1850-
6.6_Question_on_Notice_6.15_The_number_of_contacts_by_NTCATT_from_1_July_2011_to_31_May_2012_was_4719_contacts_for_2492_people.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.6 Question on Notice 6.15 The number of contacts by NTCATT from 1 July 2011 to 31 May 2012 was 4719 contacts for 2492 peopleTabled paper 1845-
7.1_Question_on_Notice_7-4_Why_Litchfield_is_not_available_for_walking_on_the_Table_Top_Walk_during_the_wet_Season.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20127.1 Question on Notice 7.4, Why Litchfield is not available for walking on the Table Top Walk during the wet Season. Have any fines been issued at Gunn Point in particulars Tree Point Reserve in the last 12 Months?Tabled paper 1852-
6.8_Question_on_Notice_6-19_NGO_funding_based_on_figures_presented_by_CGB_in_Budget_Estimates_in_2011_can_the_figures_for_this_year_to_be_presented_on_the_same_terms_and_basis_Refer_to_Paper_1850.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.8 Question on Notice 6.22, How many of the NGO's given funding by DCF to provide families support service have their contracts ending 30 June 2012, AnswerTabled paper 1848-
6 3 ~ and Median Waiting Times Completed Elective Surgery procedures June 2009 to December 2011 Elective Surgery Waitlist Patients and Percent Overdue.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.3 Graphs Elective Surgery Admissions and Median Waiting Times Completed Elective Surgery procedures June 2009 to December 2011 Elective Surgery Waitlist Patients and Percent OverdueTabled paper 1842-
6.10_Moratorium_on_Exploration_and_mining_in_Coastal_Waters_of_the_Northern_Territory_until_2015_6_March_2012.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.10 Moratorium on Exploration and mining in Coastal Waters of the Northern Territory until 2015, 6 March 2012Tabled paper 1851-
6 5 ~ funded by Northern Territory Government and one by the Department of Health and Ageing through the Indigenous Mobile Dental Infrastructure Program.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.5 Question on Notice 6.13 two new trucks - one funded by Northern Territory Government and one by the Department of Health and Ageing through the Indigenous Mobile Dental Infrastructure ProgramTabled paper 1844-
6.4_Question_on_Notice_6.2_$2.8_million_was_allocated_in_the_2009_10_Capital_Works_Program_for_the_relocation_of_the_then_Health_and_Families_Staff.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.4 Question on Notice 6.2 $2.8 million was allocated in the 2009/10 Capital Works Program for the relocation of the then Health and Families StaffTabled paper 1843-
6.7_Question_on_Notice_6-20_How_many_executive_level_officers_were_there_in_the_Department_on_1_January_2011_how_many_executive_level_officers_are_there_today_Answer_6-20.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.7 Question on Notice 6.20 How many executive level officers were there in the Department on 1 January 2011, how many executive level officers are there today? Answer 6.20Tabled paper 1846-
6.8_Question_on_Notice_6-23_Number_of_NGO_contracts_that_cease_on_30_June_2012_will_be_extended_or_do_you_have_other_NGO_s_secured_to_providing_family_support_services.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.8 Question on Notice 6.23, Number of NGO contracts that cease on 30 June 2012 will be extended or do you have other NGO's secured to providing family support services and how many of those existing contacts will be extended? Answer 6.23Tabled paper 1849-
7 2 - Map South Australia EPA Collection Depot.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20127.2 Map South Australia EPA Collection DepotTabled paper 1853-
7.3_Map_that_is_hand_drawn_and_shows_where_the_Howard_Springs_Road_connects_to_the_old_highway_which_is_exactly_where_it_does_today_it_is_the_16_Mile.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20127.3 Map that is hand drawn and shows where the Howard Springs Road connects to the old highway, which is exactly where it does today it is the 16 Mile. Department has named the piece of land on the other side of the road with the correct name the 17mileTabled paper 1854-
6.1_Question_on_Notice_6.7_1556_births_at_Royal_Darwin_Hospital_for_the_period_1_June_to_31_March_2012.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.1 Question on Notice 6.7 1556 births at Royal Darwin Hospital for the period 1 June to 31 March 2012Tabled paper 1840-
6 2 - Question on Notice 6.4 Cost of PATS travel 01 07 11 to 31 03 12.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20126.2 Question on Notice 6.4 Cost of PATS travel 01/07/11 to 31/03/12Tabled paper 1841-
4.3_Public_Housing_by_Statistical_Subdivision_2006_07_Tabled_Paper_Number_477_by_Member_for_Port_Darwin_Mr_John_Elferink__19_August_2009.PDF.jpg14-Jun-20124.3 Public Housing by Statistical Subdivision 2006/07 Tabled Paper Number 477 by Member for Port Darwin Mr John Elferink, 19 August 2009Tabled paper 1838-
4 2 ~ Housing stock by region as at 31 March 2012 Table 2 Industry Housing  as at 31 March 2012 Table 3 Sales by Regions YTD as at 31 March 2012.PDF.jpg14-Jun-20124.2 - Table 1 Public Housing stock by region (as at 31 March 2012) Table 2 Industry Housing (as at 31 March 2012) Table 3 Sales by Regions (YTD as at 31 March 2012)Tabled paper 1837-
5.1_Indigenous_Business_Development_Program_New_Businesses_-_Expenditure_Drawdowns_Regional_breakdown_for_period_1_January_2009_-31_December_2011.PDF.jpg14-Jun-20125.1 Indigenous Business Development Program New Businesses - Expenditure Drawdowns, Regional breakdown for period 1 January 2009 -31 December 2011Tabled paper 1839-
3 1 - Travel Expenditure by Output Destination as at 31 March 2012 Department of the Chief Minister.PDF.jpg13-Jun-20123.1 Travel Expenditure by Output (Destination) as at 31 March 2012, Department of the Chief MinisterTabled paper 1832-
3.4_The_DRUM_EMagazine_Ali_Curung_Police_have_been_assisting_with_the_Books_in_home_project_in_Ali_Curung_community_dated_8_December_2011.PDF.jpg13-Jun-20123.4 The DRUM EMagazine, Ali Curung Police have been assisting with the Books in home project in Ali Curung community, dated 8 December 2011Tabled paper 1835-
4.1_Letter_from_Mr_Gary_Barnes_CEO_department_of_Education_and_Training_further_clarification_around_the_implementation_of_the_Australian_Curriculum_following_questions.PDF.jpg13-Jun-20124.1 Letter from Mr Gary Barnes, CEO department of Education and Training further clarification around the implementation of the Australian Curriculum following questions that have arisen from meetings between DSPs and principals undatedTabled paper 1836-
Coroners_Act_In_the_mater_of_the_Coroners_Findings_and_recommendations_into_the_death_of_Mr_Daniel_Phillips_Inging_Johnson_Pursuant_to_section_46B_dated_28_May_2012.PDF.jpg12-Jun-2012Coroners Act, In the matter of the Coroners Findings and recommendations into the death of Mr Daniel Phillips Inging Johnson, pursuant to section 46B, dated 28 May 2012Tabled paper 1878-
1.2_Chart_NT_GST_Revenue_and_GMA_Guaranteed_Minimum_Amount_Amount_2000_01_-_2012_13.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20121.2 Chart, NT GST Revenue and GMA (Guaranteed Minimum Amount) Amount, 2000/01 - 2012/13Tabled paper 1824-
1.6_Graph_General_Government_-_Historical_receipts_v_Payments_inc_Capital_2001_02_-_2015_16.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20121.6 Graph, General Government - Historical receipts v Payments (inc Capital) 2001/02 - 2015/16Tabled paper 1828-
1.3_Budget_2012_The_Alarming_Truth_About_Labor_s_scandalous_financial_mismanagement_and_why_every_Territorian_should_be_worried_May_2012.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20121.3 Budget 2012, The Alarming Truth, About Labor's scandalous financial mismanagement and why every Territorian should be worried, May 2012Tabled paper 1825-
1 4 - Response to 27 Questions from Leader of the Opposition.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20121.4 Response to 27 Questions from Leader of the OppositionTabled paper 1826-
3.3_Photographs_taken_from_CCTV_Opposite_Uncle_Sam_s_Darwin_KFC_carpark_Alice_Springs_Chilli_s_on_Mitchell_Street_Darwin_Mitchell_Transit_Centre_Darwin_BP_on_McLachlan_Street_Darwin.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20123.3 Photographs taken from CCTV Opposite Uncle Sam's Darwin KFC carpark Alice Springs, Chilli's on Mitchell Street Darwin Mitchell Transit Centre Darwin BP on McLachlan Street DarwinTabled paper 1834-
1.7_Northern_Territory_Key_Business_Statistics_June_2012_Gross_State_Product_GSP_Gross_Domestic_Product_GDP_Department_of_Business_and_Employment.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20121.7 Northern Territory Key Business Statistics June 2012, Gross State Product (GSP)/Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Department of Business and EmploymentTabled paper 1829-
1.5_Question_on_Notice_1.1_Payroll_tax_estimates_Budget_Papers_2_and_3_Answer_1.1.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20121.5 Question on Notice 1.1, Payroll tax estimates, Budget Papers 2 and 3 Answer 1.1Tabled paper 1827-
2.1_-_Letter_to_Mr_Peter_Chandler_Member_for_Brennan_regarding_~_Letter_from_Mr_Peter_Chandler_to_Mr_Michael_Tatham_regarding_damage_sustained_to_a_government_vehicle_dated_27_October.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20122.1 Letter to Mr Peter Chandler Member for Brennan regarding Entitlement to a Vehicle from Mr Michael Tatham dated 20 December 2011 - Letter from Mr Peter Chandler to Mr Michael Tatham regarding damage sustained to a government vehicle dated 27 OctoberTabled paper 1831-
1.8_Question_on_Notice_1.4_Current_ICT_Contracts_financial_year_2010_11_Annual_Amount_-_Answers_1.4.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20121.8 Question on Notice 1.4, Current ICT Contracts financial year 2010/11 Annual Amount - Answers 1.4Tabled paper 1830-
3.2_Marine_Supply_Base_Business_and_spinoffs_to_Territory_Economy.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20123.2 Marine Supply Base Business and spinoffs to Territory EconomyTabled paper 1833-
1.1_Table_Distribution_of_the_GST_entitlement_pool_over_budget_year_and_forward_estimates.PDF.jpg12-Jun-20121.1 Table Distribution of the GST entitlement pool over budget year and forward estimatesTabled paper 1823-
1811 - Growing Them Strong Together Child Protection External Monitoring and Reporting Committee Report 2.pdf.jpg3-May-2012Growing Them Strong, Together, Child Protection External Monitoring and Reporting Committee, Report 2Tabled paper 1811-
Public_Accounts_Committee_Second_Report_on_Examination_of_Auditor-General_s_Reports_May_2012.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Public Accounts Committee Second Report on Examination of Auditor-General's Reports May 2012Tabled paper 1808-
Report_on_Child_and_Youth_Suicide_in_the_NT_Child_Deaths_Review_and_Prevention_Committee.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Report on Child and Youth Suicide in the NT Child Deaths Review and Prevention CommitteeTabled paper 1810-
1807_Subordinate_Legislation_Publications_Committee_Report_of_Ministerial_Correspondence_on_Subordinate_Legislation_August_2011_-_April_2012.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Subordinate Legislation & Publications Committee, Report of Ministerial Correspondence on Subordinate Legislation, August 2011 - April 2012Tabled paper 1807-
Letter_to_Mr_Bill_Draw_Chairman_Katherine_Regional_Cultural_Precinct_Inc_regarding_Katherine_Cultural_Precinct_committed_$500_000_to_the_headworks_from_Clare_Martin_dated_8_June_2005.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Letter to Mr Bill Draw Chairman Katherine Regional Cultural Precinct Inc regarding Katherine Cultural Precinct committed $500,000 to the headworks from Clare Martin dated 8 June 2005Tabled paper 1821-
Enough_is_Enough_Alcohol_Reform_Report_July_2011_to_end_March_2012.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Enough is Enough Alcohol Reform Report July 2011 to end March 2012Tabled paper 1806-
Power_and_Water_Corporate_Statement_of_Corporate_Intent_2012-2013.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Power and Water Corporate Statement of Corporate Intent 2012-2013Tabled paper 1815-
Australian_Bureau_of_Statistics_Visitor_Profile_by_usual_place_of_residence_2000_to_2005_Territory_Tourism_Selected_Statistics_Tourism_NT.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Australian Bureau of Statistics Visitor Profile by usual place of residence 2000 to 2005 Territory Tourism Selected Statistics Tourism NTTabled paper 1819-
Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Interstate_Travel_Report_Member_for_Braitling_~_the_Liberal_Transport_and_Infrastructure_Ministers_Shadow_Ministers_Meeting_on_23rd_March_2012_Brisbane.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Remuneration Tribunal Determination Interstate Travel Report Member for Braitling Mr Adam Giles to attend the Liberal Transport and Infrastructure Ministers Shadow Ministers Meeting on 23rd March 2012 BrisbaneTabled paper 1817-
Public_Accounts_Committee_Report_of_the_Inquiry_into_the_Accuracy_of_the_Budget_Data_published_in_the_2001-02_Budget_Papers_with_respect_to_both_the_~_02_Report_Number_38_May_2002.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Public Accounts Committee Report of the Inquiry into the Accuracy of the Budget Data published in the 2001-02 Budget Papers with respect to both the Estimated Outcome fro 2001-01 and The Budget for 2001-02 Report Number 38 May 2002Tabled paper 1822-
Remuneration_Tribunal_Report_on_the_Entitlements_of_Magistrates_and_Determination_No._1_of_2012.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Remuneration Tribunal Report on the Entitlements of Magistrates and Determination No. 1 of 2012Tabled paper 1812-
Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_~_26_March_2012_to_meet_with_stakeholders_and_associated_parties_and_individuals_who_could_provide_advise_and_information_relevant_to_shadow_portfolio.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Remuneration Tribunal Determination Interstate Travel Report Member for Goyder Ms Kezia Purick 23rd - 26 March 2012 to meet with stakeholders and associated parties and individuals who could provide advise and information relevant to shadow portfolioTabled paper 1816-
Parliamentary_Pairs_Member_for_Arnhem_Ms_Malarndirri_McCarthy_and_Member_for_Drysdale_Mr_Ross_Bohlin_from_10am_to_close_of_business.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Parliamentary Pairs Member for Arnhem Ms Malarndirri McCarthy and Member for Drysdale Mr Ross Bohlin from 10am to close of businessTabled paper 1805-
Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Interstate_Travel_Member_for_Port_~_in_January_2012_to_attend_the_funeral_of_Mr_Peter_Murphy_pursuant_to_the_paragraph_3_14_Email_dated_3_May_2012.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Remuneration Tribunal Determination Interstate Travel Member for Port Darwin Mr John Elferink travel to Maldon, Victoria in January 2012 to attend the funeral of Mr Peter Murphy pursuant to the paragraph 3:14 Email dated 3 May 2012Tabled paper 1818-
Graph_USD_v_aud_Monthly_Average_Values_since_1990.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Graph USD v aud Monthly Average Values since 1990Tabled paper 1820-
Ombudsman_NT_Investigation_Report_into_Morgue_Management_on_Remote_Communities_in_the_Northern_Territory.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Ombudsman NT Investigation Report into Morgue Management on Remote Communities in the Northern TerritoryTabled paper 1809-
Media_Release_Minister_for_Central_Australia_Mr_Karl_Hampton_Whole_Community_Needs_to_Fight_Social_Problems_21_Februay_2011.PDF.jpg3-May-2012Media Release Minister for Central Australia Mr Karl Hampton Whole Community Needs to Fight Social Problems 21 Februay 2011Tabled paper 1814-
Explanatory Statement Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2012 Serial 209.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Explanatory Statement, Power of Attorney Amendment Bill 2012 (Serial 206)Tabled paper 1795-
NT_News_Article_Native_Wage_Issue_200_Walk_off_at_Wave_Hill_dated_August_1966.PDF.jpg2-May-2012NT News Article Native Wage Issue 200 Walk off at Wave Hill dated August 1966Tabled paper 1802-
Explanatory Statement Adult Decision Making Bill 2012 Serial 210.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Explanatory Statement, Adult Decision Making Bill 2012 (Serial 210)Tabled paper 1794-
Explanatory Statement Power of Attorney Amendment Bill 2012 Serial 206.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Explanatory Statement, Power of Attorney Amendment Bill 2012 (Serial 206)Tabled paper 1804-
Estimates_Committee_2012-2013_Terms_of_Reference.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Estimates Committee 2012-2013 Terms of ReferenceTabled paper 1796-
Explanatory Statement Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 Serial 211.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Explanatory Statement, Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 (Serial 211)Tabled paper 1792-
Regulations_2012_No._17_Associations_Amendment_Regulations.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Regulations 2012 No. 17 Associations Amendment RegulationsTabled paper 1801-
Regulations_2012_No._16_Caravan_Parks_Regulations.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Regulations 2012 No. 16 Caravan Parks RegulationsTabled paper 1800-
1798_Rules_2012_No._14_Supreme_Court_Amendment_Mediation_and_Sentencing_.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Rules 2012, No 14, Supreme Court Amendment (Mediation and Sentencing)Tabled paper 1798-
Explanatory Statement National Health Funding Pool and Administration National Uniform Legislation Bill 2012 Serial 212.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Explanatory Statement, National Health Funding Pool and Administration (National Uniform Legislation) Bill 2012 (Serial 212)Tabled paper 1793-
1797_Questions_27_for_Financial_Integrity_for_the_Northern_Territory_Government_Mr_Terry_Mills_Leader_of_the_Opposition.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Questions (27) for Financial Integrity for the Northern Territory Government, Mr Terry Mills, Leader of the OppositionTabled paper 1797-
Estimates_related_Questions_and_Answers_-_Written_Questions_No._213_to_237_2011_Estimates.PDF.jpg2-May-2012Estimates related Questions and Answers - Written Questions No. 213 to 237 2011 EstimatesTabled paper 1803-
Budget_2012_2013_Budget_Paper_No_2_Fiscal_and_Economic_Outlook.PDF.jpg1-May-2012Budget 2012/2013 Budget Paper No 2 Fiscal and Economic OutlookTabled paper 1784-
Budget_2012_2013_Regional_Highlights.PDF.jpg1-May-2012Budget 2012/2013 Regional HighlightsTabled paper 1790-
Council of Territory Co-operation Final Report May 2012.PDF.jpg1-May-2012Council of Territory Co-operation Final Report May 2012Tabled paper 1791-
Budget_2012_2013_Budget_Paper_No_3_The_Budget.PDF.jpg1-May-2012Budget 2012/2013 Budget Paper No 3 The BudgetTabled paper 1785-
Budget_2012-2013_Budget_Paper_No_4_The_Infrastructure_Program.PDF.jpg1-May-2012Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No 4 The Infrastructure ProgramTabled paper 1786-
Budget_2012_2013_Budget_Paper_No_1_Speech.PDF.jpg1-May-2012Budget 2012/2013 Budget Paper No 1 SpeechTabled paper 1783-