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Title: An international travellers perspective
Name: Walsh, Wayne
My Story: An experience by an International community who were just passing through. Many international travelers… Canadians, Americans, New Zealanders, Swedes, British, and other Europeans were passing through and/or working in Darwin. Their experiences during the Cyclone and remaining afterwards to rebuild Darwin has a unique flavour and enterprising spirit of earlier explorers. Most os these people were in their twenties. A unique group of 15 moved into Darwin High School on Xmas day and for three months fed up to 5000 people per day. This eclectic group worked 12-16 hours per day for 85 days without a break or vacation. They were forced to take a weekend vacation on the 86th day. Several of these people worked for a few weeks with the Navy and Army approching every house and emptying all freezers and refridgerators. This job was not for those with a weak stomach. Every day, at the first freezer someone would call out "Are you ready?" and open the freezer. Everyone would vomit and afterwards at the subsequent freezers it was only dry heaves for the rest of the morning. After lunch the same scenerio would occur. Bodies of people and pets were also encountered. The first few months were demanding but a friendship had bonded with this group and everyone wanted to see Darwin survive. We were at Darwin High for three months and then moved downtown to squat in a ABC house. Most of us stayed until July or August. It was a unique experience rebuilding Darwin with 10,000 men and less than 1,000 women.
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Subject: Cyclone Tracy, 1974
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Cyclone Tracy

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