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20030128_remote.pdf.jpg28-Jan-2003$1.3 million boost to remote workers-Stirling, Sydney James
20030525_workers.pdf.jpg25-May-2003$1.3 million boost to remote workers-Stirling, Sydney James
syd.1409.PalmerstonSchools.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2005$10 million to be invested in Palmerston schools-Stirling, Sydney James
20041117_ss_apprentice.pdf.jpg17-Nov-2004100th apprentice incentive taken up under jobs plan-Stirling, Sydney James
20030521_edreview.pdf.jpg21-May-2003$10m allocated for secondary school options in Palmerston-Stirling, Sydney James
20041028_ss_roundtable.pdf.jpg28-Oct-200410th Business Round Table to meet in Darwin-Stirling, Sydney James
20040828_ss_literacyteachers.pdf.jpg28-Aug-200412 new literacy teacher positions for NT schools-Stirling, Sydney James
20030225_schools.pdf.jpg25-Feb-2003$14m capital work program for schools on track-Stirling, Sydney James
20060418_SydEmploymentTrainingBudget.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2006150 new employer incentives announced while 2006 employment and training budget set to reach $84 million-Stirling, Sydney James
20040714_apprentice.pdf.jpg14-Aug-2004150th apprentice employed under the Jobs Plan-Stirling, Sydney James
stirling.8.02.07.Unemployment.Record.Low.pdf.jpg8-Feb-20072% unemployment is Territory record low-Stirling, Sydney James
20041022_ss_boostforvet.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2004$2.7m boost for NT VET facilities-Stirling, Sydney James
20020627_worldskills.pdf.jpg27-Jun-20022002 Worldskills winners announced-Stirling, Sydney James
20030528_budgetendorse.pdf.jpg28-May-20032003 Territory budget receives wide endorsement-Stirling, Sydney James
20040730_darwincup.pdf.jpg30-Aug-20042004 Darwin Cup to be best yet-Stirling, Sydney James
Syd.28.08.06Education.Week.pdf.jpg28-Aug-20062006 Teaching in the Territory Excellence Awards celebrate the success of NT schools and teachers-Stirling, Sydney James
20021004_police.pdf.jpg4-Oct-200225 new police recruits graduate-Stirling, Sydney James
20040209_schoolfunding.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2004$2m boost for school equipment, teacher furniture-Stirling, Sydney James
20030701_cbf.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2003$300,000 for community groups-Stirling, Sydney James
20030623_cbf.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2003$300,000 for community groups-Stirling, Sydney James