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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
0305_DB_Budget_Fails_to_Deliver.pdf.jpg3-May-20052005 Labor budget fails to deliver-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
0405_DB_2005_budget_speech_final.pdf.jpg3-May-20052005-06 Budget in reply-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
0801_DB_30_percent_increase_in_unregistered_cars_2005.pdf.jpg9-Jan-200530% increase in unregistered cars - further sign of Territorians doing it tough-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
0403_DB_Nine_Months_of_Economic_Downturn.pdf.jpg4-Mar-2005ABS figures reveal nine months of economic downturn-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
1103_DB_Govt_must_respond_to_CLP_policy_calls.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2005ABS housing finance figures back CLP calls for tax cuts-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
0205_DB_Palmerston_Recreation_Centre_another_Broken_Promise.pdf.jpg2-May-2005Another 2001 broken election promise that is promised again-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
1902_DB_billing_bungles_2005.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2005Another Govt billing bungle puts motorists at risk-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
2003_db_another_fiasco.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2004Another pool fiasco in the making-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
2403_db_radiation_treatment.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2004Are Territorians experiencing unacceptable delays in radiation treatment?-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
2502_Auditor_General_probe_into_wharf_precinct.pdf.jpg25-Feb-2005Auditor General called on to investigate concerns over wharf precinct-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
3006_db_beef_roads.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2004Beef road funding a sham-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
1704_DB_Best_Wishes_for_Iraq-bound_Troops.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2005Best wishes and farewell for troop deployment to Iraq-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
2002Bipartisan gas policy-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
1406_Good_Government_Policy.pdf.jpg14-Jun-2005The bottom line: Good Government-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
0405_DB_Budget_Papers_Flawed.pdf.jpg4-May-2005Budget figures do not add up-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
0111_db_andersron.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2004Burke calls for full public inquiry into Warren Anderson debacle-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
3103_DB_Burke_issues_a_challenge_-_estimates_must_be_held_before_election.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2005Burke challenges Labor to allow estimates scrutiny of election budget before next Territory election-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
2102_DB_Fed_roads_funding_2005.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2005Burke chasing federal funds to complete key arterial extension-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
0404_DB_Burke_guarantees_Parliamentary_Inquiry_into_Ah_Kit.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2005Burke guarantees Parliamentary inquiry into Ah Kit actions-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)
2602_db_northline.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2005Burke slams Chief Minister for Northline Railway pull-out-Burke, Denis (Denis Gabriel)