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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
746-0038.JPG.jpg30-Jun-1979Salvation Army float-Lovett, Gaynor
PH0836-0003.tif.jpg20-Aug-2008School children look over the TalbotGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
746-0023.JPG.jpg30-Jun-1979Scottish pipe band-Lovett, Gaynor
746-0028.JPG.jpg30-Jun-1979Soldiers marching in the Bougainvillea parade-Lovett, Gaynor
14352.JPG.jpg1-Aug-1968St Mary's Star of Sea CathedralGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
30-Jun-1979Stuart Park Primary School float-Lovett, Gaynor
14346.JPG.jpg1-Aug-1969Supreme CourtGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
14339.JPG.jpg1968Supreme CourtGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0836-0001.tif.jpg20-Aug-2008Talbot arrives in DarwinGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0836-0005.tif.jpg20-Aug-2008Talbot at Parliament HouseGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0836-0007.tif.jpg20-Aug-2008Talbot in the libraryGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0556-0372.tif.jpg21-May-1992Time capsuleGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0556-0373.tif.jpg21-May-1992Time capsule ceremonyGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0556-0360.tif.jpg21-May-1992Time capsule ceremonyGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0860-0038.tif.jpg10-Mar-2010Tiwi BombersGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0860-0037.tif.jpg10-Mar-2010Tiwi BombersGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0860-0040.tif.jpg10-Mar-2010Tom Calma and Joy CardonaGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
14351.JPG.jpg1-Aug-1968Uniting Church-Lovett, Gaynor
30-Jun-1979Wagaman Primary School float-Lovett, Gaynor
PH0746-0022.tif.jpg30-Jun-1979Woolworths float-Lovett, Gaynor