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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
PH0556-0368.tif.jpg21-May-1992Laying of the time capsuleGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
556-0379.JPG.jpg26-Feb-1992Legislative Assembly buildingGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
556-0377.JPG.jpg26-Feb-1992Legislative Assembly entranceGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0862-0001.tif.jpg24-Jan-2010Lorna FejoGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
746-0012.JPG.jpg30-Jun-1979Man in truck from the Bougainvillea parade-Lovett, Gaynor
746-0025.JPG.jpg30-Jun-1979Marching girls in the Bougainvillea parade-Lovett, Gaynor
PH0746-0038.tif.jpg14-Dec-2011Memorial cairnGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0860-0044.tif.jpg10-Mar-2010Michael LongGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0836-0002.tif.jpg20-Aug-2008Minister Scrymgour welcomes the TalbotGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
746-0033.JPG.jpg30-Jun-1979Mister T Shirt float - big buffalo-Lovett, Gaynor
14348.JPG.jpg1-Aug-1969Motel, Three Ways RoadhouseGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0185-0012.tif.jpg1-Nov-1967Nelson BuildingGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0860-0039.tif.jpg10-Mar-2010NTFL Premiership CupGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0836-0008.tif.jpg20-Aug-2008Off the Beaten Track eventGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
PH0836-0009.tif.jpg20-Aug-2008Off the Beaten Track Exhibition launchGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
30-Jun-1979Parap Primary School float-Lovett, Gaynor
PH0556-0430.tif.jpg21-May-1992Parliament House time capsuleGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
556-0376.JPG.jpg26-Feb-1992Parliamentary LibraryGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
556-0378.JPG.jpg26-Feb-1992Parliamentary LibraryGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor
556-0375.JPG.jpg26-Feb-1992Parliamentary LibraryGaynor LovettLovett, Gaynor