History NT collections play a valuable role in documenting the unique social and cultural development of the Northern Territory since first settlement.

Primarily, the aim of these collections is to preserve the diverse range of material that provides a record of the Northern Territory’s heritage and origins.

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1693.jpg.jpg1-Jan-199010/48 Battalion A.I.F. 1942 - 1945Gerlach, N. E.; Jones, D. G.; Kennett, R. A.; Gower, S. A.; Hanson, C. V.; Harten, L. N.; Klose, M. L.; Heddle, T. R.; Koch, F. H.; Kuchel, K. A.; Livie, J. B.; Glasson, J. D.; McGuire, G.
1359.jpg.jpg1-Jan-199010/48 Battalion, Australian Imperial Forces 1942 - 1945Mudge, G.; Roesler, C. E.; Schultz, P. E.; Schlein, G. R.; Starkey, R. L.; Starrick, A. G.; Roesler, N. L.; Sickert, H. G.; Moore, H. E.; Datson, Norm; McDougall, R. L.; Saunders, 'Pop'; Mattinson, C. V.
PH0257-0022.tif.jpg-107 Army General Hospital-
PH0553-0025.jpg.jpg1974120 East Point RoadFong, William
PH0828-0006.tif.jpg1-Jan-194213 soldiers-
PH0553-0037.tif.jpg26-Dec-197414 Rothdale RoadFong, William
430.jpg.jpg1-Jan-19902/8 BattalionMills, H. C.; Emond, R. J.; Newth, Tom; Hourigan, H. C.; Smith, W. G.; Bancroft, Boze
1329.jpg.jpg1-Jan-19902/8 BattalionCrouch, C. R.; Tregoning, C. W.; Coombes, A. J.; Saunders, A. I.; Gardner, J. A.; Diffey, S. C.; Hayman, L. L.
1234.jpg.jpg1-Jan-19902/8 BattalionNorris, Jack; Whatman, T. W.; Wiltshire, R. F.; Hill, P. K.; Browne, D. G.; Peck, G.
1172.jpg.jpg1-Jan-19902/8 Company, Australian Army Service CorpsNixon, J.; Mathers, R.; Müller, D.; Dean, R.
23-Mar-199420 years after TracyMartin, L. S.
towardstomorrow_20090918.pdf.jpg18-Sep-20092009 World solar challengeKormilda College
1665.jpg.jpg1-Jan-199023 Australian Field Company, Royal Australian EngineersBellamy, G.; Gyton, J.; Hipwell, R.; Monkhouse, W.; Allan, G.; Upton, F.; Jobson, R.; Kenyon, F.; Waldon, H.
PH0553-0027.jpg.jpg1-Dec-197423 George CresentFong, William
498a.jpg.jpg1-Jan-199023 Squadron, 82 WingClark, Nobby; Arthur, R.; Fry, O. B.; Woodland, L.; Clark, J.; Potter, J.; Dawson, A.; Kemp, K.; Dalrymple, A.; Kelly, R.; Hennessey, M.
670.jpg.jpg1-Jan-199023rd Australian Field CompanyWettig, H.; Powell, L.; Rivers, F.; Geary, H.; Holley, B.; Kettlewell, A.; Walsh, D.
1013.jpg.jpg1-Jan-199023rd Australian Field Company, Royal Australian EngineersDeas, J.; Williams, D.; Bamback, W.; Jacobs, F.; Jones, A.; Greer, G.; Walsh, D.; Bottrille, E.
larkinetal.jpg.jpg1-Jan-199023rd Australian Field Company, Royal Australian EngineersLarkin, Ken; Deamer, Daryl; Jensen, Ted; Thompson, Harry; Thompson, Leo
1007.jpg.jpg1-Jan-199023rd Australian Field Company, Royal Australian EngineersAttenborough, Arthur; Rourke, Horrie; Haines, Ray; Gilholme, Jack
stevensetal.jpg.jpg1-Jan-199023rd Australian Field Company, Royal Australian EngineersStevens, Frank; O'Brien, Reg; Johnson, Frank; Workman, Allan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 3370