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The Northern Territory Library invites you to step back in time and help us to compile the Northern Territory’s fascinating history through images, documents, memories and stories.

The Northern Territory’s Aboriginal communities have existed for over 60 000 years, and have a long history in visual and oral storytelling, proving the importance in all communities, to preserve history for the future, by the telling of stories.

As recently as 1978 the Northern Territory was granted self-government, an essential element to its youthful spirit, and is reflected in its unreserved, easygoing friendly lifestyle, and enthusiasm for cultural diversity. Browse through the stories.

This is your chance to contribute to the record that reflects the varied nature of the Northern Territory’s many communities.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Serving in Darwin 1942Lee, Ray
Thompson, Rosetta (nee Wedd); Brown, Harriett (nee Wedd; Wedd, Emma.jpg.jpg-Brown, Harriet Ellen (nee Wedd)Gray, Ruthie
740702-C-Dar-1-08.jpg.jpg-United Church before and after Cyclone TracyWilliams, Ramon
CT 1-047-Peter Dermoudy's house.jpg.jpg-Peter Dermoudy's "flying saucer house" pre Cyclone TracyWilliams, Ramon
Edmond Johnson.pdf.jpg-My Uncle Ted a man I never met! Edmond Johnson.Davis, Joy
-Jeff the day afterCasey, Jeff
-The southern assistance effort.Casey, Jeff
-The evacuation.Casey, Jeff
-Jeff Casey's memories of the clean upCasey, Jeff
-Jeff Casey's night of Cyclone TracyCasey, Jeff
-Terry Hull memories following Cyclone TracyHull, Terry
Permission_to_Enter_Darwin.pdf.jpg-Terry Hull Christmas Day 1974Hull, Terry
-Terry Hull early 1974Hull, Terry
wrecked plane light aircraft area.jpg.jpg-My family stories of after the cycloneHarbidge, Carleita
Farrar 10.jpg.jpg-Farrar FamilyGibbens, Helen
PCCGC-b.tif.jpg-Pine Creek Community Government Council-
scan0011.jpg.jpg-Doug MatthewsNickels, Jean Grace
art Lingiari FINAL.pdf.jpg-Wave Hill handover / by Bill RowlingsWesley-Smith, Rob; Rowlings, Bill
-Christmas Eve 1974Henwood, Beverley
B_Price_0019.tif.jpg-Memories of Cyclone TracyPrice, Brian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 105
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