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The Northern Territory Library invites you to step back in time and help us to compile the Northern Territory’s fascinating history through images, documents, memories and stories.

The Northern Territory’s Aboriginal communities have existed for over 60 000 years, and have a long history in visual and oral storytelling, proving the importance in all communities, to preserve history for the future, by the telling of stories.

As recently as 1978 the Northern Territory was granted self-government, an essential element to its youthful spirit, and is reflected in its unreserved, easygoing friendly lifestyle, and enthusiasm for cultural diversity. Browse through the stories.

This is your chance to contribute to the record that reflects the varied nature of the Northern Territory’s many communities.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Don Jacobs and Dan LondonJacobs, Rosalie V
Permit or not to Permit.pdf.jpg-Permit or not to PermitMcLoughlin, Erica
An experience by an International community who were just passing through.pdf.jpg-An international travellers perspectiveWalsh, Wayne
Memories of An “Ansett” Hostess.pdf.jpg-Memories of an Ansett hostessClarson-Griffin, Susan
Story of my experience of Cyclone Tracy.pdf.jpg-Story of my experience of Cyclone TracyYates, Maree
The only time in my life I have returned early from a fishing trip early.pdf.jpg-The only time in my life I have returned early from a fishing trip early...Woods, Charmaine
Are We There Yet 14 people in a station wagon.PDF.jpg-Are We There Yet? 14 people in a station wagonCumberland, Diana
players_1.jpg.jpg-Three recollections from Roland GriffinGriffin, Roland
Cyclone Tracy and Rebuilding of Darwin.pdf.jpg-Cyclone Tracy and rebuilding of DarwinHulme, John R
Tracy - a life changing experience.pdf.jpg-Tracy - a life changing experienceHarper, Toni
Crazy Tracy changed our life path.pdf.jpg-‘Crazy Tracy changed our life path’Peris, Angela
Front of our house after CT and now.jpg.jpg-Walker family story - Ambon Street WagamanHendry, Deb
Tracy's legacy.pdf.jpg-Tracy's legacyWatson, A.
Thanks to ABC Radio.pdf.jpg-Thanks to ABC RadioLukitsch, Paul
No Place Seemed Safe.pdf.jpg-No place seemed safeBrimson, Julie
The night Santa never made it to Darwin.pdf.jpg-The night Santa never made it to DarwinRussell, Sonia
Fill the Bath with Water.pdf.jpg1974-12-25Fill the bath with waterSheppard, Trisha
Time to move.pdf.jpg1974-12-25Time to moveSealy, J.
We kissed each other goodbye.pdf.jpg1974-12-25We kissed each other goodbyeMcLeod, Annmarie
My memories of Cyclone tracy as a 10 year old boy.pdf.jpg-My memories of Cyclone Tracy as a 10 year old boyGraham, Brian (Hoff)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 127
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